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I have been programming Java for about 6 months now. I have come relatively far and have the books "Programming with Java for Dummies" and "Schrödinger programmed Java" read.
There were the most important basics included.
Now I would like to have another book to get more involved in "professional" programming. I'm not sure which book to take.
First of all, it should be my last java book because I want to learn other languages later.
At the moment I am swinging between "Java is also an island" and "The way to the Java pro". The former is also suitable for beginners, but I do not know if it is also in the professional direction or based more on basics. There is also an online tutorial. My question about it. Is the book more complete and also with sample pictures?
To the second. It says on the back, it is for developers, Java programmers and students. However, I also read somewhere that it was recommended. It is probably also more complete than the first one. Now it is up to you :). Which book would you recommend to me? Or would you recommend a completely different book?
Thanks for recommendations.
Reading a book only gets you so far. Actually _learning_ something means doing it. That is to say, you only actually learn Java by actively programming in Java. Not by reading a book about it.
Another thing is that becoming good in programming in Java does not necessarily have something to do with Java itself. At a certain point, especially when you want to get more professional, other aspects come into play, such as "clean code", the S.O.L.I.D. principles, how to refactor code, database design, etc. Reading a book about Java mostly touches aspect of the language itself, not about actually becoming a good programmer.
I recommand "Head first Design Pattern" from O'Reilly.
There is much usefull for other programming languages, it is more a kind of real software development than only programming, but it explains always with java examples. And, it is really nice to read. Books like "Java is also an Island" are not useful for learning, there are better as reference.

I, as an e-engineer, got the first time an adiea what informatics do after reading this book-regardless I programm in >5 programming languages.
@Michelle Jones
Wohnst du in Estland?
Wie dem auch sei. Mich wundern die Bücher. Gibt es "Java ist auch eine Insel" und "Schrödinger programmiert Java" auch auf englisch?
Ja, die kenne ich auch nur auf Deutsch. Daher vermute ich, dass der TE auch deutschsprachig ist und hier versehentlich auf Englisch geschrieben hat. Aber schön zu sehen, wie nett wir doch sind. Keine Flames "Dies ist Deutschsprachiges Forum" oder so. Und alle Antworten auch lieb und nett auf Englisch.
Also ein Engländer wird es so nicht ausgedrückt haben. Aber "to swing" gibt es - und das nicht nur im US English.

Aber Michelle hat ja am 1.7. auch etwas geschrieben wo sie auf MTBIT Academy verlinkt hat, bei der er/sie Digital Marketing Manager ist. Und die Webseite ist wohl auf Vietnamesisch so die Spracherkennung vom Google Translator korrekt ist...
Achso. Ganz unten steht nämlich eine Adresse in estnischer Sprache:
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